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We were in a car accident in June and both me and my daughter were in the van and both of us got pain in our neck and back We've been going to Vancouver Auto Injury for 3months and things are going good and the staff are always dry nice and happy the office runs a great plan for recovery,very organized.

Auto Accident Chiropractor Vancouver
Glinda D.Vancouver, WA

From my own personal experience, I felt so taken care of from the first moment I stepped foot into Vancouver Auto Injury. The Chiropractic office is such a wonderful place to go to if you're experiencing any kind of back injury. The staff there is generously kind and will always, no matter who you are say "Hello" and "Goodbye" when you enter or exit the building. After your injury is evaluated you'll be taught one on one, on which exercises you'll perform once you begin to come in for your adjustments. The best part of it all is they will go at your pace; no one will push you to do something you're not comfortable with. By far I personally give Bridge Chiropractic a 5 star rating because right here is a happy customer.

Vancouver Whiplash Injury
Mary N.Vancouver, WA

I suffered from chronic neck and arm pain. Going to Vancouver Auto Injury has helped my muscles from getting stiff and bound up anymore than they are now, and has helped with my migraines. Recommend to anyone with neck and back pain.

Auto Accident Injury Doctor Vancouver
Cheryl J.Vancouver, WA

Absolutely recommend Vancouver Auto Injury. They have been a huge help to me, and walked me through step by step of what to expect in treatment. I noticed a big difference in how I felt in a matter of days. I was always going to the doctors trying to have them help figure out why I felt so awful all the time. Once I started my treatment with Dr. Paul, things started to change for the better. Its been a few months since I have been, but I plan on returning soon to continue. Everyone that works there is great, helpful, always friendly. Give them a call. You will not regret it.

Auto Accident Injury Doctor Vancouver
Holly W.Ridgefield, WA

Vancouver Auto Injury continues to meet and exceed all my chiropractic needs. The staff and doctors are caring and compassionate and the office atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable every time I visit.

Auto Accident Injury Doctor Vancouver
Cheryl P.Salmon Creek, WA

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